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How Scary is Your Credit Card Debt?

How Scary is Your Credit Card Debt

How Scary is Your Credit Card Debt? Repaying credit card debt can cause a lot of stress on a household. With low minimum payments and high-interest rates, your debt payoff may take years. Fear not! CCCS offers a debt management…

See the Adorable Pets of CCCS

See the adorable pets of CCCS

See the Adorable Pets of CCCS See the Adorable Pets of CCCS: We are fortunate to have such a great team at CCCS and check out how cute our pets are. If you need to speak with a human at…


Debt Free

New Clients On the Road to Becoming Debt-Free At the start of a debt management plan (DMP), CCCS and clients are trying to get creditors to agree to proposals, finalize amounts, and update due dates.  In the first three months…

The Millers

The Millers successfully paid off $43,375 in debt with CCCS’ debt management plan (DMP). Here’s what they had to say about their situation: “The debt was very stressful and paying bills was something I dreaded doing each month…After being referred…

Military Members in Debt: Help is Available!

Act Now: Interest Rates at Historic Lows

There is help available for military members in debt. Watch Karen Lavery talk more about the assistance programs available! Click here for the full story! To learn more about Debt Management Plans created by the CCCS, click here.

$19,970.88 of Debt Gone!

Mr. Morgan recently completed his Debt Management Plan (DMP) and wanted to share his story. “I was in debt and could not find my way out of it on my own. I was barely able to make minimum payments and…